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To whom it may concern,

following other countries generating their national wealth and building their competitive advantage on intellectual capital, instead of relying on mineral resources and cheap labour, Intellectual Property Management Poland, supported by Polish economic media: New Economic Life Magazine and TV Biznes, is proud to present the idea of

The Pantheon of Polish Inventors and Discoverers ®

It is our privilege to inform that in March 10 - 12, 2010 the 3rd International Forum IP Management - the Key to Successful Economy will take place. Following the 2nd IP Management Forum 2009 debate on the idea of creation of an “Intellectual Property Institute”, as a non-governmental international professional organization, concluded with the undersigning of the Galbraith–Kalecki Declaration to support the idea of creation of the IP Institute, we are opening a new debate on a Kopernik-Lukasiewicz Declaration as a part of the 3rd Forum on Friday, March 12, 2010 within the premises of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw. The Kopernik-Lukasiewicz Declaration is focusing on the need of constituting the Pantheon. Additionally the World Congress of Polish Engineers will take place in Warsaw on September 8 - 10, 2010. These two events offer a unique and great opportunity to constitute the Polish Inventors Hall of Fame under the name “Pantheon of Polish Inventors and Discoverers”.

We do believe the initiative will be supported by all involved parties.

4th International Forum Intellectual Property Management - Creative and Technological Entrepreneurship is held under honorable auspices of Prof. Barbara Kudrycka, Ph.D. - Minister of Science and Higher Education

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