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Polish Intellectual Capital Top 50 ®

Intellectual Property Management Poland is the initiator of the Polish Intellectual Capital TOP 50 (PL IC TOP 50) ranking of the most innovative organizations in Poland. Media partners are: Nowe Zycie Gospodarcze (New Economic Life) and TV Biznes - Polish TV business channel.

The presentation of the first ranking will take place in the premises of the Warsaw Stock Exchange during the Third International Forum IP Management – the Key to Successful Economy, on March 12, 2010 in Warsaw.

The methodological guidelines of preparing the TOP 50 ranking are prepared to appoint Polish enterprises, institutions and organizations which are able to prove their achievements in the field of intellectual property. The organizations participating in the contest will be obliged to hand in questionnaires concerning:

  • contribution of intangible assets to enterprise market value,
  • possessed national and international patents and utility patterns,
  • awards of Polish and international innovation contests,
  • participation in national and international patent trade and effective competition on the market,
  • standardization, normalization as well as product and service quality proved by certificates,
  • quality of research and development department with employees having knowledge and scientific achievements in the field of innovations,
  • revenue generated on innovative products and services in current and former reporting periods,

to proof:

  • understanding the value of Intellectual Capital in national wealth generation,
  • admittance of the key role of creativity and innovativeness in building competitiveness of individuals, companies and nations and as the driving forces in the success of both global and national economies,
  • taking into account that trust is critical  to technology transfer among nations and in brokerage between inventors and investors,
  • awareness that protection of Intellectual Capital possessed by individuals, institutions and/or companies must be implemented and managed in the best way possible for the benefit of all parties,
  • recognizing the critical need for protection of intellectual property rights,
  • bearing in mind that Knowledge Transfer is a global issue dependent on respecting of Intellectual Property Rights.

The team of appointed experts will evaluate the ranking by specifying the importance (assigning weights) of above-mentioned components of the overall classification, based on submitted questionnaires.

The partners of PL IC Top 50 initiative are the organizations cooperating in IP Management Poland and other organizations invited by the initiator of the ranking such as the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers, the Polish Academia-Business Forum.

The winner of “The Award of Excellence in Intellectual Capital Management” and organizations occupying the second and the third place of PL IC Top 50 list will represent Poland during Global Technology Symposium at Stanford University in the United States.

4th International Forum Intellectual Property Management - Creative and Technological Entrepreneurship is held under honorable auspices of Prof. Barbara Kudrycka, Ph.D. - Minister of Science and Higher Education

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