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Intellectual Property Management Forum 2011

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Warsaw, October 26-29, 2011

Address: 186 Niepodległości Alee, PL-00-608 Warszawa, Poland
tel.: +48 692 672 913, fax: +48 22 8450460
e-mail: ipmpoland@gmail.com

Intellectual Property Management Forum is a leading international conference on innovation, technology and venture capital. It became an European equivalent of the Global Technology Symposium in Silicon Valley.

4th IP Management Forum "Creative & Technological Entrepreneurship" will be held in October, during the Polish Presidency of the European Union.

The formula of sessions, lectures and panel discussions enables inventors, scientists, researchers, designers and artists to share their insights and discuss opportunities with potential investors and entrepreneurs. The Forum will also host Intellectual Property brokers and local government representatives.

Intellectual Property Forum conferences have been held since 2007. Significant achievements of past meetings include:

  • Galbraith-Kalecki Declaration
  • Kopernik-Lukasiewicz Declaration
  • Polish Intellectual Capital Top 50 ranking of highest intellectual capital enterprises in Poland.

The speakers of 2011 Forum are experienced IP practitioners involved in Intellectual Property Management as their core business, to mention a few:

Pitch Johnson - venture capitalist and founder of Draper and Johnson Investment Company (1965), early investor into Amgen, Biogen Idec, Tandem and many other technological companies, past-chairman of National Venture Capital Association, owner of the Asset Management Company, lecturer in Management at Stanford Business School, who will deliver a speech on "Freedom and Innovation";

prof. dr. Piotr Moncarz - founder of GTS in Silicon Valley, Vice President of Exponent Inc., President of USPTC, Honorary Member of Association of Alumni and Friends of Warsaw University of Technology;

dr. Bert Twaalfhoven - entrepreneur, founder and Chairman of US-Polish Trade Council, Vice-President of Exponent Inc, Stanford University;

Sara Rauchwerger - Director of the International Consortium for Entrepreneurship, who will deliver a speech on "Internationalization of Innovative Entrepreneurship".

Polish Inventors and Discoverers Hall of Fame (Panteon Polskich Odkrywców i Wynalazców) will be constituted during the second day of the 2011 Forum. The ceremony will take place on 27th October and will host such well known personas as Prof. Jerzy Buzek – President of European Parliament and Prof. Michał Kleiber - President of Polish Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Polish Inventors and Discoverers Hall of Fame.

The third Forum day, 28th October 2011, will be dedicated to Polish Intellectual Capital. Sessions & discussions will be held on Warsaw Stock Exchange premises. The Programme includes announcement of Polish Intellectual Capital Top 50 Ranking.

Welcome to join us. To register please use the SIGN UP FORM button.

Pol-Nord Bridge Project Winners attending GTS 2011 at Silicon Valley

WWinners of "Pol-Nord Bridge" Project (www.Pol-Nord.eu) are among attandees of this year Global Technology Symposium, March 23-25, Silicon Valley, California, USA (www.GlobalTechSymposium.com) due to the generous support offerred by US-Polish Trade Council.

The Global Technology Symposium is the leading investment conference on venture capital, technology, and entrepreneurship in emerging markets. Since 2004, the Symposium has brought more than 300 selected opinion leaders in business, finance, technology, and policymaking to Silicon Valley, where they share insights into the opportunities and challenges of globalization. The Symposium is honored to count many of Silicon Valley's most legendary names among its alumni.

On March 29, they will participate in USPTC event: Guy Kawasaki "Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions" (http://www.ccice.org/Guy-Kawasaki-Enchantment.html)

This event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA promises to be a highly interesting event with a major Silicon Valley celebrity. Guy Kawasaki is a co-founder of Apple, one of the top gurus on advising technology ventures, and a captivating speaker. Also speaking will be leaders from Zappos, the online shoe retailer with renowned employee enthusiasm and loyalty, and from the AT&T Innovation Center.


4th International Forum Intellectual Property Management - Creative and Technological Entrepreneurship is held under honorable auspices of Prof. Barbara Kudrycka, Ph.D. - Minister of Science and Higher Education

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